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Destination wedding in Portugal - BEST TIPS

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Saying  'I do' will be one of the moments you remember forever. So, why don't do it in a country with amazing landscapes, great food and divinal wine? 

Yes, i'm talking about a Destination wedding in Portugal.

 If you - as me - love to travel and enjoy the best places in the world, i'm sure that this country is in your wishlist. 

This might seem really expensive and undoable, but it doesn't have to be, and this is why: when you go for a Destination wedding in Portugal you are choosing to have a more intimate wedding; you are choosing to be surrounded by the people who are undeniably connected to you and your partner; you're choosing to have a wedding in which every detail says something about your relashionship. And that's the beauty of having a wedding like this.

A Destination wedding in Portugal will be more than a moment, will be an entire EXPERIENCE for you and your loved ones! 

It seems like a lot of work and trouble? Don't worry i'll guide you through.

1. Choose the location

Well, the first step is to choose the location. There's a lot of options: you can have the wedding at a hotel (you can check the best ones here), a garden, or in a place where your guests can stay spend the night (for this option, you can check this collection that i've made). 

2. Wedding planner for destination wedding

Well, this is truly a must have. Hiring someone who can help you with all the little details will make your life easier and your day brighter. The person you choose will have your best interests in mind and that help will be really helpful since you won't be around. 

You must be thinking: but how can i find a good wedding planner for my Destination wedding in Portugal? I made a list with some of the best wedding planners in Portugal. Check it here.

3. Date

Choosing the day for the wedding is the next step. The best time to get married in Portugal is, without a doubt, between May and October. 

3. Best photographer for destination wedding 

This is one of the most - if not THE MOST - important thing. The photographer of your Destination wedding in Portugal has to be someone you identify with. If you are looking to have the spontaneous moments captured and love natural photos, you're in the right place. Check my work here

To know more about meyou can reach me here. But long story short: i love what i do, and photographing weddings is having the opportunity of eternalizing moments of love, be it between a couple or between the grandma who sees her little boy getting married.

Want to know what they said about me? CLICK HERE

4. Costs of a destination wedding - get a real ideia 

The only additional cost is the travel. Getting married in Portugal is most of the times cheaper than at your own country. And, since you're inviting less people, the cost will pretty much be the same. 

If Portugal is on your wishlist, just do it - It's an unique experience for you and your guests. 

As someone who photographs weddings all the time, i can tell you that the location makes the difference and that this detail will make all the difference.

Hope you liked this post. Any doubt don't hesitate, i'm here!

04 Nov 2021

Destination wedding in Portugal - BEST TIPS

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