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Getting married in Portugal - 5 reasons  

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Getting married in Portugal. Why? Even if you haven't been here yet, you sure have heard of it by now. Be it for the beautiful landscapes, the 3000 hours of sunshine or the coastal line of 832 kms, Portugal is one of the best places to get married.

What makes Portugal the perfect place for your destination wedding?

Well, i could give you a lot of good reasons, but i'll give you five great ones instead.

1 . Sun, sun and sun

While organizing a wedding you want to assure that everything goes as planned, but, despite all efforts to secure that, you can't (yet) control the weather. So, the best thing is to choose a place where the sun is almost garanteed. Portugal is the kind of place where you can always get a beautiful day of sun: be it November, January or June.

2 . Nature (sea, lagoons, forest and river, just name it)

Getting married in Portugal will, most of all, give you the oportunity to choose. Being a small country, you can go from the city to the moutains in two hours. If you prefer a florestal wedding, you can as easily go there. You literally can have it all. Within the same country, you can celebrate one of the most important days of your life in the vineyards of douro, amber cork fields of Alentejo or in a venue with sea view.

3 . Great gastronomy and wine

Portuguese wine and gastronomy has grown in popularity around the world in the past years. Can you name a better combination than this? You can choose the perfect location, the most incredible wedding dress, but if the food and wine is not equally great, all your guests will remember that they starved during your wedding. Being this two one of the most valuable cultural resources of Portugal, you (and your guests) will be delighted.

4 . Cascais and Sintra: two different paradises a few minutes away from Lisbon

Cascais and Sintra are two of the most beautiful places in the country (and beyond borders). And, the best part? Are just 45 minutes away from the capital, what makes it certainly easier for you and all the guests coming abroad for the wedding. Getting married in Portugal will allow you to have a perfect ceremony in one of these two. Sintra is a charming portuguese town situated in the cooling hills of the Serra de Sintra. You can discover among its majestic pine forest the most beautiful places to get married. Cascais, otherwise, is the perfect fishing town and reflects the perfect combination of its illustrious heritage with the benefits of this century.

5 . Best places to do your cerimony and accomodate your guests

If you are inviting your friends and family for a wedding in another country, it might be a plus to find a place that can serve as your venue and accomodate your guests. In Portugal, you have a lot of incredible places the fit both options (Areias do Seixo, Santa Cruz, or Sublime Comporta are two of them, but you can check more here).

This are some of the reasons why Portugal is the perfect choice, but there's much more. I'm sure it will be the best experience for you and your guests. As you already know, if you have any question, i'm a click away.

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Getting married in Portugal - 5 reasons  

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Destination wedding Getting married in Portugal Portugal

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