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The perks of having a photographer in Portugal?

I can take you to the most beautiful places hidden in Portugal  


 From north to south, but mostly in Cascais, Sintra, Lisboa, and Alentejo. 

I was born and raised in Portugal and, until this day, I am still amazed by the beauty of this country. Be it for the mountainous areas, the incredible hectares of the beautiful Alentejo, or the endless blue of the sea, the landscape that this country has to offer it's simply amazing. 

As a photographer in Portugal, I can't stop imagining that Sintra, with its magical beauty, is the perfect setting for a session. Just a few kilometers ahead, going through Guincho, there are tons of other places that catch my eye. It's a real privilege to be surrounded by this natural beauty every day and - by now - you all know how much I appreciate Nature :)

There's no reason for you to not enjoy these landscapes as well, and use them for a perfect moment, be it an engagement session, a birthday celebration, or just to celebrate life. 

You can book a session in Portugal. The session can take place at a locality, a hotel, or even in the city... there are infinity possibilities and I am more than happy to guide you through all of them as your photographer in Portugal.

Lisbon, Portugal

Sintra, Portugal

How can I book a session? 

That's easy, YOU ONLY NEED 3 STEPS:

1. Request your date for availability

If you already know when you are coming to Portugal, get in touch as soon as possible so we can book a day. I'm flexible, but as soon you book it the better.

2. Shoot plan

After we set the date, I'll send you some suggestions to get your opinion. Portugal has the most amazing places and most of them are not very known. We will talk so I can find the best options for you (that's one of the perks of having your own photographer in Portugal)

3. Photoshoot Confirmation

Place and time, check? Done. Now you just need to wait for the day - that, I can assure you, will be amazing!

How much for a Photographer in Portugal?You have two options available:


30 Minute Mini Session (with a Professional Photographer)

Online Gallery

20 photos Edited & high res

140 euros


1 Hour Photoshoot (with a Professional Photographer)

Online Gallery

70 photos Edited & high res

200 euros

These sessions are an experience: it's a different way of traveling, exploring a different country, and eternalizing a moment.

 If you want to give this as a gift, you can buy a GIFT CARDGET IN TOUCH and I'll explain everything.


Vincent & Anne 

We've known Mariana's work from Instagram and her website and we always said that we would love to be photographed by her. That's why on our first holiday since we got married we knew what we must do: book a session with her! It was everything we asked for and more. She took us to the most beautiful places in Sintra, a very special place for us. She's really kind and very open to what's important to us. We just loved the outcome. Strongly recommend :D

Ira & Henrik

Mariana photographed the moment that my FIANCÉ  proposed. I was surprised with a beautiful landscape and then the most beautiful photos of the moment! Henrik organized everything and Mariana was a fundamental help. We are getting married in Portugal next July and - obviously - Mariana will be the photographer. The way she captures the smallest details makes all the difference :)

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